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But with this subject matter and the political climate we in, I be really disappointed if the the oppressive cultists and freedom fighters are cast as extremists or two sides of the same coin.The man has an entire story about alternative realities and they can’t even address the subject with any nuance beyond “Both sides are bad”. Like how hard is it to show that there are a number of paths the rebellion could have taken, some good, some bad. We have had a bunch of revolutions in history and not all of them are equally successful or moral.Blah, I like parts of that game, but it only gets more unbearable as time goes on.

swimwear sale But even if she was, they made it abundantly clear that Rachel the paralegal was much more proficient and experienced than the average Harvard grad associate the first episode she was introduced season 1. Add to the fact that it been years since then. Plus they need someone they can trust in that position so who better?And Donna, as she said this episode, keeps the firm running in a non lawyer capacity. swimwear sale

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